Friday, 5 August 2016

The Lewes branch of Home Instead Senior Care has signed up to Brighton and Hove Living Wage. Alison Scutt who runs the service said: "I believe that our CAREGivers provide a valuable service to our clients and should be recognised and respected for the important role that they have in delivering high quality care."

Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Living Wage group needs your help!

We are planning to visit lots of local businesses before the end of July to talk about the real Living Wage (£8.25 outside London) and help them sign up to it. Many employers already pay the LW and if they sign up it will encourage others to think about it, and begin to make a real difference to pay rates locally.
Come to a short briefing meeting in central Lewes on Tuesday 5th July at 7.30pm. Ring Linda Lamont on 01273 470940 or email Ann Link

The briefing will identify a list of businesses, especially on the High Street, that we think may already be sympathetic to the ideas. There will be a broad "script" to help volunteers introduce themselves. Also we will be able to offer some information on union membership to employees if appropriate. Asking businesses to sign up might also lead to us offering help in registering them on the website.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

W E Clark signs up

WE Clark have become accredited to the Living Wage Foundation

David Clark, managing director of the jewellery firm, said: “It was when I attended the Lewes Living Wage meeting in Lewes, as president of the Lewes Chamber of Commerce that our own Living Wage Accreditation occurred to me.
“I feel, that as an employer, I have a responsibility to ensure my employees receive a fair wage – one that they are able to live on.”

Katherine Chapman, director at the Living Wage Foundation, said the association is “delighted” to welcome W.E Clark & Son as an accredited employer.

She added: “The best employers are voluntarily signing up to pay the Living Wage now. The Living Wage is a robust calculation that reflects the real cost of living, rewarding a hard day’s work with a fair day’s pay.”

Friday, 1 April 2016

What is Work Worth?

 Around 20 local employers and employees took part in a round table discussion on 16th March about the Living Wage. It was attended by Emma Kosmin of the Living WageFoundation and David Clark, President of the Lewes Chamber of Commerce, and chaired by Sir Richard Jolly. Following the meeting, the Chamber of Commerce has offered its support, and some more businesses are in the process of applying to be accredited as Living Wage employers.

It is important to distinguish between the national living wage announced by the government, which is £7.20 per hour from April 1st, for over 25s, and the Living Wage calculated for the Living Wage Foundation, which is £8.25 outside London and applies to all employees over 18. This is based on a more realistic estimation of what people have to earn to sustain life for themselves and their families in a civilised society. 

Sussex Community NHS Trust, which covers most of Sussex including the Lewes area, became accredited to the Living Wage Foundation in 2013 and employs 4,800 staff. Cleaners are included in their staff list, not contracted out. The trust's decision to become a Living Wage employer was welcomed by its workforce. A local residential home for adults with severe disabilities pays the Living Wage – this is consistent with their caring ethos: the home is like a family. This is more possible because it is a charity, with no paid, profit-taking directors. 

There may be signs of a change in mindset among employers: an employee of a local larger business, part of a chain, said that they were now paid a small percentage over the minimum wage and this has shown in less staff turnover, better morale and working atmosphere: 'exploitation does not work'.

David Clark, President of Lewes Chamber of Commerce, offered to help publicise the Living Wage via their newsletter. He has since applied for accreditation for his family jewellery business via the Living Wage Foundation.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Ovesco, the community energy company that put the solar panels on Harvey's Brewery Depot, has signed up on the Living Wage Brighton and Hove website

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Our event on Nov 2nd and new Living Wage rate

Lewes for a Living Wage supporters celebrated Living Wage Week in style at the Town Hall on 2nd November. The Living Wage Foundation sent us banners and bunting which we put up around the building. The new Living Wage rate is £8.25 outside London and £9.40 in the capital.

Jonathan Spencer, CEO of the Bevern Trust, a care home in Barcombe already signed up to the UK-wide scheme, talked about how employees feel more valued for the demanding work they do. The Lewes manager of Barclays Bank, members of the same scheme, said all employees and apprentices get this rate as a minimum, including contracted people such as cleaners. 

The Mayor, Susan Murray, welcomed everyone, and we had contributions from Pauline Grant, a former vice-president of Unison; Debbie Twitchen of Landport Food Bank, Andrew Bird from Silverado, and Adam Wolecki from Lewes FC. Also attending were Sharon Kaye from Sun Rose Care, Chris Rowland from Ovesco and Felicity Carter from Felicity’s Childminding, and councillors Ruth O'Keeffe, Stephen Catlin, Fraser Addecott and Tony Rowell. Councillor Imogen Makepeace is part of the group organising the event. We showed a slide projection of all the Living Wage employers in the area.

We now have stickers for Lewes businesses that have signed up to the Living Wage Foundation or Living Wage Brighton and Hove.

We are also grateful to our volunteer professional photographer Cammie Toloui.

Sunday, 1 November 2015

New signers


Skyhouse Eco Chic B&B, NTD Internet, Sun Rose Care and Vandu Language Services, as well as the Town Council, are the latest employers in the Lewes area to sign up to Living Wage Brighton and Hove.

Find out more at our drop-in event in Lewes Town Hall, Yarrow Room, on Monday 2nd November 5-7pm. Our slide presentation will feature employers already paying the Living Wage

The new hourly Living Wage rates will be announced on Monday by the Living Wage Foundation